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Innovation Games® Explores Circles of Influence at Agile Roots

I just returned from an empowering time at the Agile Roots Conference and saw many fun and useful presentations and workshops. I am an Official Innovation Games® Facilitator, so I was excited to help out with Luke Hohmann’s keynote presentation on Software Powered Innovation Through Collaborative Play.

After a few minutes explaining the value of games in fostering collaboration, Luke began the Innovation Game® Spider Web, where participants (nearly all conference attendees) were given 2 pieces of paper and a set of crayons, instructed to write their name at the center and draw a circle around it, then surrounding this, to draw the names of the people they interact with at work connecting those people’s names to each other and the participant. The more significant the interaction , the thicker the connecting line.  After this, the participants were instructed to use the second paper in a similar way, but instead of putting peoples names, put their roles or titles. This can be useful for discovering the full milieu in which you work, accenting relationships of control and influence.

I was walking around the room making sure everyone had supplies needed and noticed the interesting variety of drawings. (there was no example given purposefully). Some drew a single large circle and put the names on its circumference, others created something that looked exactly like a real spiderweb with many interconnecting lines, others dispensed with the circles and just used text. One individual used dots and initials to represent people efficiently.

That’s the beauty of these games, everyone can work with their own imagination and knowledge in ways that they are comfortable with. In fact I overheard several people commenting on the insight they gained when they re-discovered relationships of influence. and how they were going to work those when returning to work.

Look for more experience reports in upcoming blog entries.

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